We have animals covered, too.

PCCA ZoSil is the compounding industry’s first topical gel base developed specifically for use in veterinary compounding. From dogs to donkeys, cats to kangaroos, horses to hamsters, this exclusive silicone hydrogel base is designed to topically deliver active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) to animal skin.


  • Optimal topical delivery for animals: ZoSil was developed specifically for animal skin, which is different than that of humans

  •  Easy-to-use: It absorbs rapidly into animal skin, leaving no greasy residue

  •  Skin-friendly: Its Smart Diffusion Technology uses a unique fatty-acid releasing mechanism, which provides moisturization to help improve the appearance of red, flaky, irritated skin

  • Fur-friendly: Its natural ingredients include conditioners to promote healthy, shiny fur without matting or gumming

Consider how hard it is to get your cat to swallow a pill, and you’ll start to understand the advantages of compounding for pets.

Your veterinarian can prescribe a flavored liquid, treat, or other dosage form with the exact right amount of ingredients for your pets.

Ask our pharmacist today how compounding can help your furry friends.